I've been using a Senny ew172 G2 wireless system for my guitar for a few years now. I've apparently abused it too much (jumping around on & off stage results in many hits to the straight plug going into the guitar). I've started to notice a crackle in the signal if I strum very hard that's indicative of a failing cable connection.

The CI-1 replacement cable is at least $40, and at least +$10 for the right-angle version. I'd like to just fix the cable myself by cutting off the failing 1/4" end and soldering on a right-angle one from one of the many patch cables I already have.

Does anyone know if this Sennheiser cable is some uber-proprietary design that won't accept a standard 1/4" instrument plug on it? I mean, the cable is pretty thin and flimsy to begin with which makes me think it's not a standard high-impedance instrument cable.

Anyone experienced with this problem?

1. A crackle when you strum too hard is indicative of your signal being too hot, try turning down your guitar volume a touch, then repeating the hard strum. If it only does it when you strum 'too hard' then it's probably a gain thing, not a cable thing. A broken cable will crackle whether you strum hard or soft, or don't strum at all and just wiggle it.

2. Go ahead and solder on a right angle plug, if it doesn't work then you're back where you started and you can buy the expensive replacement cable. Also, most wireless transmitters have the same cable, so take a picture of the transmitter end and we'll let you know a better place to get a replacement for much cheaper.
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It's not like a clipping distortion from too hot of a signal, more of a short kind of crackle from a bad cable. Besides, it only started doing this recently (I believe I whacked the cable pretty good recently as well), and it goes away if I wiggle the cable just so.

I'll go ahead and do a rewire job on it and see how it goes.