I have a 60s Dixon Hummingbird, basically a Gibson copy. It had a shimmed bone nut and a messed up bridge. I replaced the bridge and had a new nut, but ofc, I tried to sand it and it got crooked as hell. So I had to redo the bone nut and I can't get a good shim, it's either too high or too low. 1st note isn't in tune. How high are the strings supposed to be at the top of the neck? Are they supposed to be even or higher? My neck is straight, but the strings are a little high around the 12th fret and up. I have the bridge adjusted to as low as possible and have sanded it til its tiny, but its still high... TIPS? WTF DO I DO HERE!?
If you're not getting buzz on an open note but the first fret is pulling sharp than you need to lower the string height at the nut.
Yes I know, I have went back and forth but cant get it right, is there a set measurement or something? I doubt it. but at least close enough so that it's playable? >_>
if the strings are high only at the 12 and up, then your neck is too curved, and you can make it better or worse by loosening or tightening the truss rod.