Poll: Which of these games should I play first?
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Grant Theft Auto IV
32 45%
Red Dead Redemption
39 55%
Voters: 71.
Since I got some free time again, I got my friend to lend me these two games and I'm wondering which I should play first.

Both are great games that, somehow, I didn't get too, so I can't really lose either way.
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GTA IV > Red Dead, imo. But that's just me.
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GTA 4 first, shorter story. Both by Rockstar so they feel very similar, two excellent games in my opinion. Do GTA4 first and you'll understand Red Dead more, which is a lot better.
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hah ironically i just started playing GTA 4 again and its super fun

Where is the irony in that?

Red Dead > GTAIV but not by much. Red Dead's just... different I suppose. Not the same old rehashed GTA boring crap.
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GTA IV > Red Dead, imo. But that's just me.

It's not just you.
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play Pokemon instead
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Red dead is over rated I find.

I thought it was more over hyped, which put me off it. I got GTA4 without even watching a trailer, I just hadn't played a GTA game in years and fancied a rampage. Red Dead got played up for ages, set to be this amazing, epic game of the decade...and it really wasn't.

GTA>RD:R for me.
I feel like GTA 4 gives you a better start, for it brings you into a better beginning for the sandbox games, but in the end, both are amazing.
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Grand Theft Pony was a really amazing game. Highly recommend it.
Haven't played Grand Theft Auto IV yet though, so can't say where I fall there.

Dude, play GTA IV.

It's like $20 now...
Red Dead.

Especially if you have the Undead Nightmare DLC, that way you can do the side quest and hunt down the baby eating Sasquatches (sp?).
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I implore you to play RDR.

c wut i did thar?

Red Dead Revolver? That games awesome! Oh, you meant Red Dead Redemption ? My bad, never played it though. I'm still stuck in last gen...
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