I am wondering if anyone on here has ever done this? For example, Zildjian K on top and Paiste 2002 on bottom? I've never met someone else who does this, and I'm surprised it isn't more common. When I started I got the B8 Pro's, and eventually upgraded a year or so later to Zildjian A Mastersound hats, but ended up mixing them and now have Zildjian over the Sabian B8 Pro, and I love the sound
I never heard of doing that, but sounds like an interesting idea. What's the difference in the kind of sound you would get?
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Yep, in fact when my top hihat cracked i just replaced it with a small crash on top.

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Yeah, it's amazing the different sounds you can get out of mixing hi hats.

I used to have a Zildjian K hi hat over my Z... I think bottom hi hats are generally thicker than their top counterparts.

Has anyone tried swapping them around? I.E. Using the bottom as a top and vice versa?
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