so, i got a guitar from a friend in exchange for some work i did for him. the pots are going out, it needs a new nut and a new input jack, but i want to fix it because it has a really interesting tone. Its a les paul type guitar, but i have no clue what brand as there are no marking anywhere on the guitar except a small white round dot sticker that says "79". i believe someone might have replaced the neck as it doesnt exactly fit the neck pocket. also, it has a bridge that i havent seen before. pics are in the link below. anybody have any idea what it might be or might have originally been? thanks!

It looks more like a wannabe L6S than a Les Paul.

You could Google and see who made L6S copies, but it's probably just some off-brand, lawsuit-model copy - in which case there's probably nothing really notable to learn about it.
ok. will do. i just want to find out about it and see if i could possibly get a rough date on it. What kind of bridge is on the guitar? im only really familiar with TOM and trem bridges. havent really seen one like it

EDIT: I agree now that it is a L6S copy. had never really heard of that guitar before. my bad and thanks for replying
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She looks nice indeed, needs a lot of work though. I wonder if that body is made of good wood. The grain is nice but it kinda looks like lots of seperate bits stuck together.

And I've never ever seen that bridge before. Looks pretty rare.

EDIT: look what happens when we google "l6s bridge": the first and third images look like your bridge!
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It looks like an interesting guitar, but I have no idea what kind of guitar it is.

Probably some off-brand guitar, as flying couch said.

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Clearly a Gibson L6-S knockoff. Can't say what the brand is, though.
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does anyone have any idea any way i could possibly date it? im pretty sure its a replacement neck because ive been looking at L6S copies and havent seen a single one with a 24 fret maple fretboard haha. the work is going to be manageable. the only part im only kinda worried about is filing the new nut once i get it

EDIT: I love the look of the wood grain but yeah, it looks like 5 different grains in all if you look at the back. luckily i got the guitar for rewiring a breaker box for a friend of mine who had some issues.
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Found out what it is! didnt know it was an L6S copy and that helped a lot. its a '79 CSL Ibanez 2451 MIJ lawsuit guitar. found it on this auction


it has all the same features and came in a natural finish with a 24 fret maple fretboard. look at the second picture at the advertisement. I think someone just painted over the name on the headstock. you can see where it looks like someone either rubbed it off or repainted it. Cant wait to get this guitar fixed up
And if it plays nice...who cares what it's worth?
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haha no way im selling it. It sounds amazing when its working. Im going to get it in working order and keep it around. It plays great. Just really happy to find out it wasnt a cheap Teisco or something haha. But thanks to people for the info that was provided might most pics and clips when i get it finished