Thanks for the reviews! "On Fire": audio quality is pretty good for youtube. The guitar sounds nice, and good melodies; most of the playing is good, though once in awhile you slow down briefly. Singing is mostly good, once in awhile slightly pitchy. Vocal melody & lyrics are good. Nice song! Keep at it, but don't count on making a living in music. I've had 19 songs get played on the radio (between 2 different stations) and haven't received a penny (that's pretty typical in the music biz). I have a guitarist friend that went on tour with a TV star/musician, had hundreds of screaming girls at the concerts & my friend made $32 a day. He quit shortly before the band played on the Jay Leno Tonight Show. He played 2 songs on the TV star's CD, supposed to get payed for it & got nothing.
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Good song!

guitar sounds solid just keep the tempo consistent (not that it was WAY off just a tad bit as said above me) If you actually get this recorded put it up I'd love to hear it!
Incredibly simple for sure, but there is in no way anything wrong with simplicity. Your voice has a very nice warm quality to it though. Excellent lyrics as well too.

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Great playing and good melodies, vocals and lyrics are good too, not much else to say, just a good song and a good job playing it keep it up!
Hey Shack! Sorry for the very late crit-back. Your video has been taken down, is there another way we can listen?