Hey ladies & gents!

Just looking for some advice on the setup of a new Les Paul copy I just got. In sweet enough order but the neck is slightly out.

Correct me if i'm wrong when it comes to intonation:

1. Tune strings to pitch and sound the 12th fret harmonic of the first string. Then, compare this with the note produced by fretting the same string at the 12th fret.

2. If the fretted note is sharp, the string length needs to be increased.

3. If the fretted note is flat, the string length needs to be shortened.

With this in mind, I have made 2 small alterations to the Tune-O-Matic style bridge but the whole thing has me very confused. I've made intonation changes on a few different types of guitars without hassle before but this one is a tough one to me.

So to take one string as an Example:

High E - Open (Fretted) - In tune, 12th Fret (Fretted) - Slightly sharp, 12th Fret (Harmonic) - Slightly Flat

I realize that the truss rod may have to be adjusted slightly but i'm just wondering if anyone has any advice before I dive into that.
i advise you first check out the UG set up thread at the top of the page.

look at the first post,
measure the necks relief, look at the part about intonation,

then post in there with questions.

and as a hint,
just compare two of the readings.
for example, open string note vs fretted 12th.

also check intonation along the board.
might just be how you're fretting at the 12th.

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Quote by colinmurray2007

High E - Open (Fretted) - In tune, 12th Fret (Fretted) - Slightly sharp, 12th Fret (Harmonic) - Slightly Flat

I don't quite get how your open high E will be fretted...I guess you didn't mean to type that

Anyway...the open string will always be in tune when the 12th fret natural harmonic is in tune according to the laws of physics.

Apart from that everything you wrote out is correct, just go ahead and set it up like that.

I wouldn't really mess around with the truss rod unless you got too much relief or backbow.
Of course, I overlooked that thread! Apologies, cheers for the heads up guys, off I go to that thread!
I just intonate off the fretted 12th and matching harmonic, not the open string...