American Idiot:

-Your voice sounds pretty good actually. Every now and then you have trouble with some of the high notes but I'm sure that you can make a pretty decent singer. At some moments I also felt like you were forcing yourself to have a "rough" voice. Don't try to make your voice look more rocking than it is, just sing naturally.
-Guitar is very solid. Tight. Not sloppy at all. I liked that you added a guitar for the solo, really made for a great climax.
-Drums. Here's what I didn't really like. Were they computerized? They are solid yes, but the song could definetely do with more dynamics. If they are computerized, then I can get that, but if it's your playing try to be more dynamical, a drummer determines the speed and dynamics of the song! Listen to the original, and see how much Green Day's drummer livens up the song with some drum rolls and dynamics.
-Bass. was rock solid as well.

also, I reckon the song is a lot slower than the original. I don't know if that's something you wanted, but try to look into it.