Hey everyone,

I'm doing my final university dissertation on music piracy and whether music is still a product or has been replaced in its role and should be treated as advertising for record companies. I'd appreciate some help though, I have to get some primary research so it's questionnaire time!

Theres only 9 questions and they are all multiple choice, it's to gauge your opinions on the music industry essentially and more specifically your attitudes to the price of music.

If you want to leave any comments then please leave them here and I will try and incorporate you into the study. If you want a copy of the finished dissertation for interests sake then send me a private message with your emails address and I'll send it you when it's been handed in.

TLR - fill my questionnaire in please. =D

"2. If you do download illegally, but the law was changed so all illegal downloads were free, would you be more inclined to use a site that supported artists? If you selected no to question 1 please answer N/A"

I think there is an error in there. As all illegal downloads are free I believe...
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done, i agree with firehawk, i think you meant "legal downloads were free..."
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Glad to help!
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Done, good study but i think this has been done many times my friend, intersted subject matter and i support it, I am one of the people who have downloaded music many times, but almost 9 times outa 10 i've gotten the physical copy of the album soon, Why? cause i enjoy supporting bands, most of the time i wait til the band comes around, see them live, and then buy their album and merch straight from them. Its the only way to give them a true and high profit, but hell i straight up told Adam D. from Times Of Grace/Killswitch i downloaded the ****in album and was not paying 20 dollars for it at FYE. He himself was shocked i couldn't find it cheaper and said more power to me for christ sake.
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****in' done
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To everyone who's done this. Thanks very much - you are indeed correct that it should have been legal, not illegal - my mistake!

You're all excellent people. =D

And this study has more or less been done, however we need to find a slight niche market so the angle that I have taken which is the gap in the research is that I am trying to prove that music is getting to the stage where it isn't actually constituting a product. Music I am trying to show, is losing value as a product and may eventually become an aid to other products, as a way to sell other things.

It's still sort of been touched upon but it's less of a well known area of study. It's really hard to find a niche =D

Thanks once again guys.
Done. I support artists that I like, mainly. I'm not gonna go out and buy an album only to find that I don't like and feel gipped out of 20 bucks.
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Good call man. All opinions welcomed in this study. No point studying it if you aren't open to being wrong.

Not that anyone asked but I'm of the opinion that the easier it is to access music the better. It gives everyone as even a chance as you'll ever get in life and you can make your own luck from there with hard work. I also believe that if it was seen as advertising rather than a product the attitudes would change and the systems for finding music would improve

Vehemently anti-piracy btw.
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