Because my right hand is up to speed. How do i bring my left hand up to speed for tapping?
It's likely not so much that your left hand isn't up to speed or can't ''keep up'' with your right, but more-so that you're not at a comfortable enough tempo for each hand to be synchronized with one another.
Start practicing slowly using any phrase you have in mind, and co-ordinate each hand to allow each note to sound clearly, with a solid tone, and with even dynamics; minimizing excess noise and tension as best you can. If you're having any difficulties maintaining accuracy and comfort, slow down that little bit more; once you can feel the groove or pulse of these ideas at slower tempos, working them up is a natural process that you probably won't even have to consciously think about.
Smaller, controlled movements will help a lot, and slower practice will allow you to consciously control those physical and auditory outputs.
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What juckfush said... slow down and work on synchronising your hands.
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Some pieces are only meant to be played by people with six fingers on their fretting hand. Sorry.