Im bored. Basically its impossible to find reliable musicians in my area, and I feel like writing music with someone. You can check out any of the stuff on my page...

But basically, I need someone who can record actual drums and is decent... and maybe a bassist and a vocalist would be nice, or we could be instrumental. But I can play guitar... and I can play bass aswell, and I do have EZDrummer, but I would like to work with an actual drummer for a change.

These are the following genres I wouldn't mind writing in...:

Thrash Metal
Melodic Deathmetal
Old School Deathmetal (Pestilence, Death, Obituary, Solstice...)
Progressive Metal
Groove Metal
Basically anything metal, and Im very into grunge as well... But if you have any other suggestions, im open to anything really.
id like to do some leads for you... by I can do bass and vox if you want. PM me
ill do some bass for you. what kind of recording software would you use?
It's NEVER Lupus
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