So Ive played bass for 4 years, and now I want to get an acoustic bass, as my band is doing more acoustic songs. Anyone know of a good bass for $150 or less (I know, its a small budget)? It doesnt have to be a big brand, just decent and not a POS. Thanks.
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You can probably find a used Epiphone in good shape for that much. Only other option in that price range really is to go to a store and try them out.
Yeah those are pretty sweet. Ill probably just go to GC or another shop and look around.
Epiphone PR-4E
Epiphone PR150
Epiphone Thunderbird IV
Epiphone Les Paul Special II
(lol, think I like epis?)
Quote by jakesc8

Theres one without the cutaway for 50 dollars cheaper. Its the EAB. These are actually pretty nice for the price. And electric.

Depends on what "pretty nice" means. They are a lot louder than other dirt cheap acoustic basses because they're so huge (still not loud enough to get over an acoustic guitar). I had one and the action, even when everything was properly adjusted, left a lot to be desired.

Also note, the bass doesn't have an active preamp to go with the piezo pup, so the output is reaaaaaaly quiet.
I dont have one, but my friend does. I play it all the time.

The action is not bad, and hasnt been set up.
I have never played it amped, though.
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Have you tried Craigslist? I just got a Johnson acoustic bass model JG-622-E for $115, I've seen it for about $220-$260 new. Its well used and has a few dings but it sounds great and it has a pre-amp. I'm very happy with it. I got it because I needed something to noodle with unplugged so as to not disturb the family. It suits me perfectly because I only play for myself. Not sure how it would do in a band, even acoustic, I guess it would depend on the venue.
Tough to find a good one for that price, with the exception of the Dean. I think it's important to point out that, although you're playing acoustic songs and such, you will want to plug in, unless you're just jamming or writing. Most if not all acoutic performances I've seen have them all plugged in, either direct to the board or amped. When my guitarist and I play acoustic, he always runs direct into the board. Just my 2 cents...
What obeythepenguin said. Hell even the proffesionals use electric basses during acoustic sets a lot of the time. I thought about getting an acoustic bass for a while but eventually said F it. Any gig my band did acoustic I brought my electric bass. I just ran it striaght to the board with no effects or EQing.