Okay, I had to abbreviate the song title. Its called The Amazing Perpetual Motion Machine, and I think you'll get why it has that title. There are clean guitars, bass, drums, synths, a lead, vocals, harmonies... And thats why I'm here. It feels to me like it's REALLY squeezed... I don't mind it too much, I think I spaced it out better than it used to be.


C4C as always.

(And I owe some people comments. PM me if you comment here so I don't drop the ball again, mmkay?)
Everything sounds great though it sounds like the vocals could be turned up a bit more, though this might just be the headphones that I'm using at the moment. overall I like this it's all very well recorded and well put together.
i love that opening riff I agree that the vocals need to be turned up. It reminds me of porcupine tree

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