i am looking for a new acoustic guitar that would be good for strumming pretty much playing rhythm guitar and possible singing along with. Any recomendations?
every single guitar can be strummed and sung with. what's your budget, and do you have any experience playing guitar? if so, do you have a guitar or neck size preference?
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The reason the Dreadnought is the most popular shape for a guitar is that it's big lower midrange makes it a great guitar for playing chords around a campfire or in somebodies living room. They are easy to make the chords pop and they are pretty loud without any type of amplification. They are also cheaper to build because the waist isn't as big which means that bending sides is easier and less length is needed from the side boards. All this adds up to making the dread a solid choice for a guitar to just sit around and strum. All body shapes could work, but some are genenrally better for this specific purpose.

The specifics like brand and material type depend on you. 1st consideration is how much money you have to spend. 2nd is do you want bright and punchy or warm and smooth? Is it going to be a guitar that you take camping or to the park? or is it going to be something that stays in your living room or music room?
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