Iv been working on an idea i got a few months ago when i went to guitar center and saw an electric guitar that folded out it was about the size of a note book and it got me thinking would it be possible to make a guitar that is about the size of a tissue box that you could carry around with you cause it has a collapsible neck. i have a few blue prints of it but im starting to realize this might not be as easy as i thought. any one know if its just a waste of time or if im actually on to something.
I think the ever changing tension on the strings would make the design next to impossible, and possibly be bad for the body of the guitar.
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voyage air guitars fold up, no problem. they come in laminate and all solid, and you can also get custom models. http://www.voyageairguitar.com/site/

i'm almost positive i saw another folding guitar - a smaller travel size guitar - but i can't remember the name. also brunner outdoor guitars are hand-made all solid guitars that disassemble. and you can also take the neck off a taylor big baby with a single bolt, and put it back on very easily.
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A few folding guitars


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