My wedding party will be in less than two months and I thought her wedding gown was the type I like. But I don't know, would it sound kind of

corny to have my wedding dress exactly like hers?

it was VERY like Grace Kellys dress
have what YOU want
brides can have little touches that make their dress special, but few are 100% unique, as brides have worn dresses for decades, almost

everything has been done beofre anyways

Wedding Dresses 2011

cascading folds and the big heavy big light contrast to the long tail makes the wedding that there will be more three-dimensional, and the

clever use of lace has been added on in the luxurious touch of sexy, slender and the head of Dream Yarn as soft as the phoenix, will set off

the bride even more beautiful. At present this [url="http://www.goodgoodschina.com/categories/wedding-dresses/bride-wedding-gowns/wedding-

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I'm a fan of lace sleeves but I couldn't tell you why (don't know myself). This gown is already being replicated and inspiring other dresses.

Don't worry if it's corny because it's a dress that you're going to have to wear - if it makes you feel pretty and comfortable, then go for


i liked it too, it was very beautiful, and in my opinion it's a good idea to have your wedding dress like Kate's, but i hope you won't

encounter any problem in france getting a gown the same as an English princess

Pick the bits you liked from the dress and use them, or .. if you have the figure, go plain like Pippa, who really did turn heads.!!
What ever you wear I am sure you will look stunning .. Good Luck