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I am in a little dilemma: since I was a teen I have had a white dress that I knicknamed "The little bride dress" because it is a short (not

too short- above the knee) and young and reminds me of a dress that one of the girls from "LittleWomen" would wear, with the lace and silk

(forget the length)
It is perfect in so many ways: great for dancing, good for a summer wedding at the cottage.... But still, I have always dreamt of walking

down the aisle and dancing in a pouffy princess dress! I don't know what to do, I want to wear both, but how

You can wear one at the wedding and the other at the reception.
If you want to wear a big princess dress (which it seems like you're leaning towards) then do so. You only get to wear a dress like that

You can always wear the shorter dress to your rehearsal dinner or something.

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I was at a wedding where the bride wore the ball room gown for the ceremony, the dinner and the cake cutting. (there was dancing in between).

Then after the cake, she disappeared and the DJ announced that the bride would like this dance with the groom. She came out in another dress

and danced the night away in her second dress.

You can toooo, you know.

She got photos of all the traditional things wearing the traditional dress and then the party side of her shined through in that other party

dress. It was a pleasant change and she was so relieved to get all of that fabric off of her and slip into a simpler dress fro the rest of

the night.

Carrie underwood did that at her wedding last July, she wore a long gown for the ceremony and photos and then changed into a cocktail dress

for dinner! They both looked awesome. I had a cocktail dress for my wedding but that was the only dress I had. There are some designers that

make wedding gowns with a detachable skirt, so you can have it long and then short in a snap, but that's couture and very expensive
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