t's funny how all the materialistic women on here are lecturing ME trying to make ME feel guilty for questioning how wasteful they are!

NEWSFLASH Ladies! No-one can tell the difference between a $300 dress and a $2000 dress!

I guess you've never been shopping for a wedding dress before, they are expensive. And if you want a certain look for your special day you

will pay it (after shopping around that is).

Wedding Dresses 2011

cascading folds and the big heavy big light contrast to the long tail makes the wedding that there will be more three-dimensional, and the

clever use of lace has been added on in the luxurious touch of sexy, slender and the head of Dream Yarn as soft as the phoenix, will set off

the bride even more beautiful. At present this 2011 New Style Wedding Dresses favored by a lot of new people.

Everyone wants their wedding to be special. That is a little less true if you're talking subsequent marriages.

Haha this is what I say to my sister who is engaged. I remind her that it is a dress that she will only ever wear once, for one day... she

still insists though that it needs to be a nice and expensive dress. Its weird to me
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