I'm starting to look at dresses for our second wedding. The wedding will happen after my husband gets back from deployment. I left a current

magazine from Davids sitting on the couch. When I came back, both of my girls were giggling over the dresses in the magazine. I sat down

between the two of them and we looked at the magazine together. They both said they want to dress up like a bride for our second wedding. My

little girls very rarely ask for anything. But they have been so excited when I mentioned our second wedding a couple of months ago.

I've looked at an 'etiquette' website, and they said that the bride should stand out alone. I've talked to my husband and he said he wants me

to stand out more then our girls. I've chosen a style of dress that flatters my figure. My daughters look good in just about anything I put

on them. I'm still not sure if their dresses should match mine.

So my question is: Should my daughters' dresses match my dress for our second wedding? Please keep your answers polite, thank you.

I think it is so nice that the girls want to have a dress like yours. Why not do the same style dress but in a different color or colors.

That way you will still be 'the bride' but they will look very special, too.

Wedding Dresses 2011

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I don't think Diamondcollecter meant of offend. That's the first thing that came to my mind but not in a perverted way, just sort of odd.
Little girls wearing wedding dresses alongside their mom.
I think cute dresses in colors would look better in pictures, too.

Will you be wearing a veil and a train on your dress? If so then just dress your girls up in white dresses and depending on there age they

could be flower girls I had two that where 11 and one the was only 3 and they all wore white it was magical and adorable. I had the older

girls sprinkle the flower petals not sure if the 3 year old could do it but she told me she wanted to so I let her pass the little bottle of

bubbles to our wedding guest. Needless to say our wedding pictures with the three flower girls turned out excellent and yes I also had

bridesmaids too. I say go for it and have a wonderful second wedding.
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