I have to go to a black tie wedding this summer and want to make sure I buy the right type of dress for it.
Does it have to be a full length gown?
Can it be a bit shorter or knee length or a high/low dress?

I also quite like dresses with prints but would those be okay?
What about the fact thats in the summer time and outdoors...any material or dress type to avoid?

A Line Wedding Dresses have been

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A Line Wedding Dresses
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day. She wanted to look stunning and so did not mind spending the money on a beautiful dress.

I've been to over 25 weddings but only one was black tie optional. Most women were in semi formal dresses. If it's straight black tie- not

optional- many guests will be in long gowns but since it's outside in the summer, lots of women will be wearing cocktail dresses as well.

Stay away from prints, stick with dark solid colors like blue or black. Prints tend to have lots of white in the background which is verboten

to wear to a wedding.

There's a lot of guessing going on here. Black tie = long gown, and it's that simple. I'd also avoid any loud or obvious prints. A small

amount of accent color is ok, but black tie is as formal as it gets for a wedding, and that generally means be conservative in choice of

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