i have been playing guitar for about a year and am looking for a new guitar that is of high quality and sounds great.i have not tested any guitars yet but i know for sure i am not happy with my jap strat. i bought this about 5 months ago and quickly realized that it was a cheap excuse to get an electric guitar fast. i will be looking for a new electric guitar that has a country twang but still can play rock. i plan to keep my strat so the rock part could be done on there. i know that the tele is a big one for the country guitar but i really do not like the body on the tele. i was thinking an Epiphone lp or Epiphone Limited Edition Wildkat Royale i really like the lp body shape and im a fan of semi hollow but that is not as big of importance and all based on look. i was wondering what can get me that tele twang for no more then $600 and still be a legitimate guitar that is taken seriously.
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i like the bridge on the wildkat im not sure what that style is called but i think it is cool
The Wildkat has a Bigsby bridge. It features single coil pickups, like on a tele, so you'll get more twang out of one than an LP, which has humbuckers. I'm not too sure on pricing, but the Wildkat seems to be a very nice guitar, and very cool looking.
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i like the bridge on the wildkat im not sure what that style is called but i think it is cool

Bigsby Tremolo.

I tried the Wildkat and hated the neck. Wen't for a Strat. We're on the same track but heading in opposite directions
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i like the sound my strat makes but the 6th string buzzes is ther anything i can do to fix that without raising the price too much?