Hey all,

I have this Peavey T-30 that still plays really well, but the PUP's are horrible sounding. I have seen through GC's website that EMG makes pre-wired kits. I am wondering if those would work as a replacement for what I have? Be nice to upgrade / replace the electronics and have a decent sounding guitar again.

EDIT> The PUP's don't have to be the pre-wired from EMG. I just want to replace the ones I have to get rid of the humming and have better sound qualities. Any ideas will be helpful.

Peavey T-30 Standard Electric
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If you're after active pups then you've got a couple of options; EMGs, Blackouts, livewires etc. Generally actives tend to have a distinctive sound (i.e not all that transparent) which is good if the guitar itself doesn't have good sound, it won't work magic but it's better than a really transparent passive pickup for improving the sound. If you're after pre-wired pickguards regardless of the type of pup then there's a couple of places that do them, like stewmac, Guitar Fetish, ebay has a bunch... just google prewired pickups. Have a look too at the pickup sticky at the top of the forum for some info and ask any further questions regarding pups there...