There's a flea market near where I live, with a guitar shop run by a lady trying to screw people over. She had this awesome, vintage looking electric guitar that she claimed was "one of the first electric guitars ever made, in the late 1940s" and was asking $300 for it "since it has all of the original parts."

The guitar was a bit beat up, and something seemed wrong with the tone knob, but even then $300 seemed fishy for "one of the first electric guitars ever made." I remembered the brand (Schafer) and looked up the guitar when I got home.

I saw it listed (sold already) on eBay as "Schafer Norma Electric Guitar". It sold for $125. I found another one that sold for $225 (link here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&_trksid=p4340.l2557&item=290530349200&nma=true&rt=nc&si=Tc0BkYU7gS5xLu6ljyoDabF1QoU%253D)

It was made in the 60s, not 40s, and a little research showed that it was a knockoff of a different company's guitar.

Anyways, I did like how it sounded, but I'm not about to overpay a lady who is known for bad deals (she constantly sells off-brand entry level guitars for double what they cost new). I can't seem to find any reliable source of info more about the guitar, so I was hoping someone here could tell me more about the guitar and its history, and maybe where I could buy one online.
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Well, it's always good to know your guitar history. If it really was one of the first electrics ever made, it would have been a solid color as the first wooden electric was the Telecaster (and I'm going to go ahead and assume you know what that looks like).
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Yeah, it was definitely no tele, lol!
Matthew 6:33

Uniting the World, One Bridge at a Time.