What does the Pit think about this? If you don't know what it is: it's where you sleep more than once or twice per day to get all your sleep. Specifically, the Uberman Sleep Schedule is where you would take short naps 6 or so times a day to get your REM sleep and in return get 20-22 hours of awake time. Look it up for more info. Has anyone tried this or anything like it? How'd it go? Is it dangerous? etc etc etc

EDIT: If you're going to make a claim, give a reason for why you think that way. Thanks.
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Doing that stuff always sounds cool, but when you think about it, it'd be extremely inconvenient and hard to get used to. And I assume really easy to slip up and revert back to normal.

Also, what are you going to do while everyone else is sleeping?
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Also, what are you going to do while everyone else is sleeping?

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get some sleep. the good kind, this polyphasic sounds like something off of a sci-fi film.
20-22 hours of waking life?!

I have too much free time as it is. My 9 hours of sleep a day goes a long way toward killing boredom.

Plus it feels fucking great.

I mean really, it's a third of your life; enjoy it!
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Doing that stuff always sounds cool, but when you think about it, it'd be extremely inconvenient and hard to get used to. And I assume really easy to slip up and revert back to normal.

Also, what are you going to do while everyone else is sleeping?

If I could have the sleep feeling but be awake... Holy mammories that'd be awesome.
..I was watching my death.
I want to try this. I always seem to get better dreams when I take short naps. My dreams at night are really boring.
I'd do that if I was an Alaskan fisherman, but I am not.
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I have tried the "Ubermensch Sleep Schedule" and it does work, but the first 10 days are hell. I really wouldn't recommend it though because it really isn't needed. If you look up some info, you'll find that before the rise of use of electricity/light bulbs that people usually would wake up for about an hour and a half, then go back to the rest of their sleep. Think about that...that means people since the beginning of time have probably been sleeping that way, meaning that's probably what's best for you. The rise of the 8 hour straight sleep is just one of those things that may not be entirely good for you, but is usually the norm so you should do it to pass along with society.

Bottom line is, a Biphasic sleep is highly believed to be your natural sleep state. Other sleeping schedules do work, but there really is no need to go through the work of achieving them unless you must be awake for 20+ hours.
I do a five hour sleep at night and then usually about an hour and a half nap later in the day. Not a huge decrease in sleep, but it's much more convenient and let's me stay up late and wake early, which I enjoy doing. Ubermann is just too inconvenient.
To do it sucessfully, you need to be brought up doing it or start doing it at a young age.
Otherwise you'll just be ****ed out of your mind for a few weeks, attempting it.

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It's stupid and not very useful.

Another one of crunk's well-reasoned comments.
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If you're not employed or at school, you could try this, I suppose. I think I heard you can have 1 or 2 20-min naps a day and get away with only 4-5 hours of sleep and get about as much as a good night of sleep without any naps.

EDIT: It's from the same article as in the link in TheOrson's post I have heard that.
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I'd like to take a nap in the afternoon, but I'm a bad sleeper, if I'd try to sleep 20 minutes, It'd take about 30 or 40 to fall asleep for 20 mins sleep. Meeh.
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I'd been going for a month or so.

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There's a lot more to sleep than REM. I doubt it would work.
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I'm pretty sure there's research that says people who work nightshifts are more likely to get cancer. Circadian rythms are important, so I'd rather stick to the sleep all night sleep

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Would love to do this, but I don't reckon my school would approve me taking naps over there.
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I pretty much how I sleep in a polyphasic way most of the time, I generaly go to bed at about 3am then get up again at 7am then have roughly 4 hours of sleep between 4pm and 8pm, so I generaly get in my 8 hours.

Basicaly the reason I sleep like this is because I paint, which goes a lot better without the distractions of my family, so I mainly paint at night when the kids have gone to bed, but then, I need to get up in the morning to make sure they get off to school on time too.

I wouldn't recommend it for those that don't have to do it though, it does leave you feeling tired because broken sleep just isn't as good as uninterupted sleep for rejuvinating you, and occasionaly at weekends I have a mega-sleep of about 15 hours just to get caught up.
I tried the everyman schedule with 2 naps over the summer holidays last year. I made it about 4 days before I gave in during one of the naps and just slept. It's bloody difficult to make it over that adaption hump.

Considering another attempt this year.

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well if crack heads can do it everyday. then i guess more power to ya. since you'll be up for 20 + hours it might not hurt to try crack. they're is always a first for everything
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I used to do the uberman and i kept it up for a year an a half straight but then i had things to do which was being stopped due to the schedule. If i had it where i could work 3 out of the 6 times i was awake sure but otherwise i couldnt work it out.

If i missed just one sleep section it would take two sleep sections to make up for it and also you feel like a zombie due to missing that one.

A lovely and bad experience all at the same time.
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sounds like a waste of time and surely you would feel like crap keep waking up and then going back to sleep.
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sounds like a waste of time

22 hours awake every 24 hours

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waste of time