Hey, what are the chances of me having to actually pick this thing up and carry it at gigs?

I don't suffer from back pain or anything, but I'm not a big guy (5'7, average build, 22 years old) and I probably won't have friends hanging around at all times to help me out. Anyway, I've been dreaming of getting one of these things for the last 8 years...and I really want one, but if they're too much of a hassle, then **** it.
They weigh a tonne - but often come with wheels (or you can add them after)
It would be a major hassle if you live upstairs/don't have a car. My more major worry would be that it would be louder than you could ever justify and as such you'd never get the tone you wanted out of it...
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Get a trolley. A stairwalker one is best.
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