I'm looking for that extra boost. I play in a metal/hardcore band and I'm looking for a warm distortion and I've played with the TS808 and it sounds amazing, but I've heard great things from the OCD fulltone as well. What do you guys think?
I use a Maxon OD808 (which is basically the TS808)
What amp are you probably going to be using it with though?
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If you want something more along the lines of a distortion, grabbing the OCD is perfect for that. If you just want a really warm overdrive for solos and such, an 808 is much more ideal.

For metal and all things ending in-core, I'd say that you should go with the OCD
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I'm running a 6505 out of mesa 4x12.
I just want a tight warm sound. Not too bright.
The TS is the right choice then. The 6505 is a bit finnicky when it comes to overdrives, but the TS is ALWAYS a good choice.
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i have a ts9 and a ocd. i use the ocd for the rhythm boost because it can do a ts9 type boost, or on the HP it has a bit more push, so thats why i like it for the rhythm. i use them both for both sounds. I generally use the OCD when im outdoors tho, that could just be a coincidence, it seems to sound better than the ts9 when im outside.
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