Hello, the Tascam 1800 is pretty hot right now and I have been checking it out. Does anyone have one and if so, how is the latency?

Maybe some background info will help my cause. My main concern is that I will run into issues trying to overdub guitar solos and vocals. whats killing me is that i dont have firewire . I can see how a usb interface can handle a 2x2 signal, but 16x4 (tascam 1800) seems too good to be true. I need the extra inputs bc we will be recording drums and also live sessions with a few intruments goin at once.

I currently use ableton but but might switch to something less taxing when recording live stuff.

Also if you have an 1800, whats yuor opinion on the preamps?
I have an 1800, although I haven't used a lot of inputs at once yet. With one or two inputs though the latency is very low and from what I've heard it doesn't struggle with multiple inputs, although live monitoring might start getting a bit of latency. You can blend the direct signal with the signal coming from the computer though, which is helpful when the latency starts to creep up.

The pre-amps are fine. Nothing to write home about but they do the job.
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excellent. thanks sampy. I think im gunna get it. only 299$. seems like a great deal to me.
I just got mine in the mail today. I'll let you know how it works out for me within a day or two. If you decide to buy one, get it from Sonic Sense on eBay. They have "Buy it Now or Best Offer" starting at $299, bundled with headphones, XLR cables and instrument cables all brand new with free shipping! Save some bucks.

Edit: This isn't looking good man. I'm getting 15ms of latency with Guitar Rig 4 with the lowest latency settings. I might be sending this back.

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thank fireoptic. please keep me updated and let me know if you send it back or resolve your issues. What type of computer are you running it on?
I've never really been impressed with USB 2.0 interfaces with over 4 inputs. Pretty much at that point, it starts getting really laggy. I tried doing a google search for some reviews but I couldn't find much outside of Guitar Center User Reviews (which I hate).
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yea i cant find a solid review for the thing unless the website is trying to sell it to you... in which case it gets 5 stars
15ms latency is a problem?! Really?!

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As a general guideline, anything less than 20ms is considered basically imperceptible.

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