Very cool, although I liked the tone for your left hand a lot more. It sounded almost like a cello section with pizzicato or col legno batto; very cool.
Interesting use of tapping. As said before, your right hand was off beat few times but nothing too noticeable, plus there was no open string noise. Try covering something more melodic next time man, overall it's good though.
Yeah, your right hand def fell off the beat a few times, but it's a cool take on the song. I think Buckethead does the best cover of it around, but this is a really good base to work on.
Great! Not perfect but great I think your tone is a bit thin or hollow, but some how it actually fits the atmosphere. Keep on working to make it from great to awesome!
Hey, thanks for checking out my cover!

I think your tapping is pretty good considering you just started recently (or at least that's what I got out of the video description)...I haven't been able to really learn even though I can play both piano and guitar..haha. anyways, keep it up!


PS - If you have time, you should watch this one too