Hi UGers,

Currently i am using a Schecter C-1 Elite. They come with Duncan Designed HB-102 set, which is the SD hot-rodded, JB and JAZZ but asian version.

After playing for so many years, i've always feel that my pickups are muddy and i can't really hear the notes well. May be psychology effect but i can hear much better with my EMGs on my another guitar. I am not a tone freak but i am tempted to upgrade my C-1 Elite.

Should i go for the real deal, SD JB or something else? (Will i get a significant difference?)
I understand i should get a pick up that suits my genre, but i don't play a specific genre and that's what's bothering me when choosing a new pup.

So i believe i should go for versatility since i am clueless? Help?
My idol is using P90s, but i play metal most of the time, is it advisable to get P90s (humbucker size)?
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My guitar is mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard btw.

SH-14 (custom 5) vs SH-4 (JB) vs PHAT-CAT ?
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what amp are you using?

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p90s generally won't become hot enough for that metal tone you are after, even though they are great pickups. seymour duncan '59 is a great pickup, a lot of metal is played using active pickups (emg, sd blackouts). try them out on a couple of different guitars at a local music store and see if you like the way they sound. Hopefully this does not start into a "you need a new amp" thread.
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Your amp helps a lot too, not saying you need a new one, although (depending on your amp) you may want to look at a few as well.

You have a genre you play the most, and go with that, like if you play more metal than EMG's or Blackouts would be stuff to look at obviously (remember, just because they're "metal" pick-ups doesn't mean they can't be used for other genre's!)
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