Just a quickie, I have to make a quick decision here.
I've been offered a nearly new amp (as above) for £430. Sound wise it fits with what i want but is this loud enough to gig with a full on rock covers band un-mic'd, I'm a little put off by the 112 rather than the 212 and it'll be my first gig amp?
Cheers guys,

All paid for, pick it up on the weekend and can't wait, I may even pre warn the neighbours!
I have one

Its definately loud enough.

My drummer is LOUD!! And this cuts through no problems.
2011 PRS CU24 (Black/Gold), Carvin Legacy 3
I love this amp, I agree, loud as feck. I practice with a few lads and this cuts out the drums and the rhythym player who runs a 150watt 2x12. This thing kicks ass.

Hope you have a long bond with your new amp.
I picked it up earlier, had a few hours on it and all I can say is breathtaking! Only played the Strat Blacktop, cant wait to get the SG in tomorrow!

Can't Smile wide enough!