Not quite sure where I should post this but yeah, ever since my computer crashed, which was a few years ago, the GP on my computer has really shit souding toms, like, they're just dull and quiet whereas on my laptop the toms actually sound like toms. I think it's something like different midi sound sets or something like that, but I never figured out how to change it.

I hope I'm making sense, if anyone knows what I'm on about, could you tell me how to change the midi soundset or whatever it is?
I have no idea what a 'midi soundset' is, and I don't think it's a thing...

If the midi's working, it's working, I don't think there are different sounds.

Which version of Guitar Pro are you using? My guess would be that either the RSE is turned off, or in some way disabled, or like SOAD said that it might be something in your soundcard's drivers or something like that.

Although if you're literally saying it's just the toms, that's really weird. I didn't know that was possible. Check the dynamics?
Hmm, I think generally all the drums sound slightly different, it's just much more noticeable in the toms, and the cymbals too actually. It's not RSE related because I never use it and I know what it sounds like. And I don't think it's the sound card because I've had this same computer for ages and every few years when it crashes and I have to reset it and all somehow the midi sounds change.
Wow, that's proper weird...

If you own it legit, I'd say contact Arobas, if not, shame on you!