What are some practicing methods to work on sweeping?

Wnd what are some eas arpeggios to work on this with?
Practise slowly, cleanly and with a metronome. Don't rush yourself to achieve a speed you can't play.
Don't expect to get good in a couple days. Give it a couple years.
Best advice i can give you.

As for an easy pattern. I recommend this:


I think it's a rather easy sweep, and is good to practise anywhere on the neck. Try it as a 3string, 4string and 5 string sweep.
Now i don't say 6 string because i personally think 6 string sweeps are very difficult and if you're only just starting i strongly recommend not playing any 6 string sweeps. 5 string sweeps could also be a bit difficult to start with, but that can depend on the person.

What's important is practise slowly and CLEAN. you want every individual note to ring out clean. Some people recommend playing with your amp on a clean setting, but i personally think it's even better with distortion. With distortion you can very easily tell if it is not clean, because even the smallest amount of fuzz is some indication that you're making mistakes.

PS: It also might be a good idea to try and steer away from rolling. I've heard a lot of other people (and myself) say that they consider rolling very difficult and can take quite some time to become good. I would say personally sweeps with rolling are for more intermediate - advanced sweep pickers. They can be a real pain in the ass to get right.

Anyways, hope that helped. Good luck with your sweeping.
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While I'm still only learning myself the arpeggio I used when I was completely new to sweeping was a simple D major chord


Hammer on and pull off the 12 15 12. Hope this is of some use.