My other cables are starting to die and I was wondering if I should get Fender coiled cables instead, because they look pretty useful. However I've heard that coiled cables have a lot less high end than regular ones, although Fender say they have reduced this problem. So should I get one, or go with a regular cable(s)?
I think they look cool, was going to get one did not realise they had negitive effects
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Well Paul Gilbert uses them so I don't imagine they'll be that bad. I'd try them at least once.
I never noticed any difference in tone. I like them.
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I have some of those Vox coiled cables. And they are really heavy duty.
They sound fine, no difference that I can tell.
The only problem I have wth them is they are heavy enough to turn some knobs on my pedalboard if I cross by the wrong way.
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