I have a 1953 LG 1 Gibson small body acoustic...rough shape...but it still will play if I string it up....I don't have the thousand bux it will take to restore it...so maybe I should just sell it?? Any thoughts?? No, its not harming anything...it just sits there..but I hate not being able to play it..and thought maybe someone who fixes guitars might be able to do something with it...I'd love to trade another guitar for it...

I'm a new member...so my apologies if I posted this in the wrong area...

I personally would keep it, simply because it's value will continue to increase as long as it's left original.
you didn't include pics, but at its age, i expect it needs a neck reset among other things.

i'd sell it as a project guitar so that someone who will love it can own it and play it. after all, playing is what guitars are for. you won't get that much, but you will get something and you might get a trade going, although i'd think cash is more likely.
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