i gotta write a persuasive speech in my english class and i chose to do it on not being abstinant. any suggestions for reasons why you shouldn't be abstinant (like it being healthy or something like that)? please include where the info came from so i can write it in my references.
.......Sex feels good. Beyond that I mean I guess it could be used as a stress relief but really I don't know
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It reduces the chances of testicular cancer.

Oh and it's fun.
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Won't get prostate cancer if you jizz daily. I would say that you actually get to live your life not abiding by laws based off just being proper.
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there's no advantage to abstinence particularly, it's less fun and, provided you use protection, only slightly safer.
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This is a stupid thing to do a paper about. Pick a new topic. There aren't pros and cons for abstinence or lack thereof as long as you're responsible and protect yourself either way. If you're stupid about sex, the cons are obvious, and the other half is all religious doctrine and belief/faith based, all of which is subjective to your opinions on the world and whatever else is out there. There are medically proven benefits like stress relief and the release of chemicals and the like in the brain which improve mood, etc, but this can be achieved in many other ways which are non-specific to sex, so that's sort of void.
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Oh, and there are no disadvantages to protected sex, so why not?
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You meet new people.
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Well, other than some religous views about pre-marital sex and the chances of contracting an STD, I wouldn't know what the disadvantage of not abstaining would be. I mean hell, I didn't and got my girlfriend pregnant when I was 18, got married, got a job, and started living early. But then again, my kids will be outta my house when I'm 41.