The band that I'm in tends to go through phases of being fine for 2-3 weeks on end and then just have a really frustrating week due to scheduling conflicts or other personal issues. Is this common for most bands? Or should everything be happy all of the time?
Schedules are tough especially if bandmates are in school and work. Don't worry it's perfectly normal to have trouble getting together, especially in my experience. Just make the most of the time you have when you do get in a room together. Better to have 1 quality practice than 5 shit ones
It's tough having everyone on the same schedule. Having 4-5 people that have their own lives and issues and then trying to have the same schedule for everyone is difficult. Aim for two practices a week that are for 2-3 hours. Then if you have one for a week, you have one, no big deal. Just make sure your making the most of your time.
Thanks guys. We're making leaps and bounds of progress but sometimes stuff like scheduling conflicts lead to bad vibes and people freak out.
Gets worse as you get older with people with jobs working different shifts and families but it is doable.
"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should."