Not enough of these GAS threads around these days.

Choose exactly 5, no more, no less. A few details why for each one would be nice, rather than a list, and please put them in signal chain order. Like so:

BASS -> EHX Bass Big Muff -> EHX English Muff'n -> Aphex Punch Factory -> Boss OC-3-> EBS Unichorus -> AMP/SOUNDBOARD.

Out of those I only have the Muff'n.

EHX Bass Muff because, though it might not be the best sounding fuzz, it has a blend feature which not a lot of good fuzzes have. English Muff'n for tube OD, simple as that. Aphex Punch Factory because its the cleanest sounding compressor I've heard, I put it after the Fuzz and OD so I can still change the amount of drive through the dynamics of my playing. The Boss Super Octave is the best Boss pedal I've heard and probably the only one I will ever own. EBS Unichorus, I'm not expert on chorus pedals but I know I want one and I know EBS make some of the best non-boutique pedals around.

(Tuners, EQ, DI boxes do not count as pedals. Money is not an issue but keep it believable!)
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Phase 90, Sansamp Paradriver, Carl Martin Fuzz, Weeping Demon, Moogerfooger.

Why? Because I can I have no idea on the signal path yet
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(need compressor), (want wah), fuzz face/lpb1/EQ/rangemaster pedal I wish to build, 90's dano fabtone distortion, deltalabs chorus
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I know shit all about pedals, but I'd quite like an English Muff'n, a Flanger Hoax, a Qtron+, a Tube Zipper and I guess a looper or something like an Akai Headrush if you're offering
I'm actually pretty happy with what i have. But, i HAVE a lot... So, if i had to just choose 5 of my own:

-Sanfordandsonny Bluebeard Fuzz
-Humphrey's Mod Digitech Bad Monkey
-Boss Bass Chorus CEB-3
-MXR Phase 90
-Akai Headrush E2

My dream board wouldn't be THAT much different:

-Bluebeard Fuzz
-Catalinbread SFT
-Roland Jet Phaser
-TC Electronicx Corona Chorus
-Akai Headrush E1

If i had a 6th spot it'd def be a Digitech Bass Whammy... why they won't reissue that; i just can not understand
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Red Witch Empress Chorus
3 Leaf GR2 Envelope filter
Chunk Systems Octavious Squeezer synth
EBS DPhaser
Dave Hall Amps VT1 Bass/Drive/EQ preamp/distortion/DI

I have the VT1, the Empress is on order... I might wait a few months and get the Squeezer. I love disposable income.
Bass->Ebs Multicomp->boss oc2->Ebs Unichorus(or that new tech 21 bass chorus)->Moog mf-101->Zvex woolly mammoth.

The Moog of course will have an expression pedal but thats taken for granted. Not too much i already have two of those pedals. nearly there.

Reason: Well this would be my simple dubstep board. The compressor first to even everything out and make it a bit easier for all the other pedals. The octave next because ive found running a dirty/effected signal into it can make them track a bit worse then when there generally first. Also i would use the octave on its own alot so it would work well earlier in the chain. The chorus next well because. Im not sure why but i feel it would work best here as chorus and octave together are a real staple sound for what i want. The moog running into an expression pedal from the cutoff control out is what my sound pretty much is. Its huge and really needed but running octave through it works so well. And last but not least a tight ish fuzz to dirty the whole thing up.
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hmm.. let's see..

Digitech DD20 delay
My '79 Pro Co rat (Love it to death) or a EHX Bass Big Muff
EHX Bass Big Muff
EHX Bass Micro synth
Ernie ball volume pedal

(Other gear: a Fender Geddy Lee and a Ashdown ABM 500H and ASHDOWN 410 cab)

Reason? Well, I play mostly Post-Rock, and have my signal partially distorted quite often, and it's great to have one more distortion that I can have on quite high gain so I get a "wall of distortion" sound. The Micro synth is great for ambient sounds, especially when the signal is first fed into the Muff's. Delay for.. well, delay, and volume pedal for volume swells.
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-Humphrey's Mod Digitech Bad Monkey

What's that mod? as I might use my monkey for bass
I'd only ever honestly use a Big Muff Pi and a Phase 90.
Five wah pedals...

Four of them attached to the bottom of my feet (two on each...) then one on the floor, just in case I need that bit extra.

But seriously, I don't really ever find the need for pedals when I'm playing bass.

A tuner, maybe a boost of some variety, and a wah for funsies would do me.
tuner pedal-morley power wah-bass big muff-boss oc3 chorus-tech 21 vt bass

all into a nice transparent amp
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I'm happy with my pedalboard as it is.

Korg Pitchblack > Behringer VB1 > Boss ODB3 (being replaced by a Bushy Bison soon) > EMK micro chorus > Biyang Analog Delay
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What's that mod? as I might use my monkey for bass


It's awesome. I believe that the regular bad monkey isn't even THAT bad for bass.

The mod just adds more control over the tone sweep, some boosted low end, and a more 'usable' high end.

You can ship them YOUR pedal, and they'll mod it for you for fairly cheap... at least cheap relative to the quality of the final product!

Some youtube clips:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2kbspSVM4 (also showing the awesome Eventide Pitchfactor)
"Punk Rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like, as sloppy as you want, as long as it's good and has passion."
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