Rubato: It's definitely there but I feel it's perhaps a little too restrained at points. I don't mean to add too much so you become one of the many who lose the pulse and do stupid shit with the music but this was almost too metronomic for me at times.

Tone: Fairly solid tone but you could have varied it more, especially in the repeats, there wasn't exactly any special treatment you gave to the repeats, that was particularly disappointing.

Phrasing: Nothing special IMO, sounds more or less like the other renditions out there but I can't expect much else after hearing this piece done to death and then some. Personally, I prefer longer phrases for romantic pieces. I noticed in the first 15 seconds you had basically explored the entire philosophical spectrum of the minor section, it comes across as a bit cheesy to me and set the bar pretty high for you since you had already spent quite a few of the things you could have done to phrase the later sections. I don't want to hear you treat the same material the same way!

Vibrato: Too excessive and tight.

Balance: I'm going to assume YouTube's responsible for most of the balance issues here but I feel the accompaniment's way too loud at times, there were moments when it was actually louder than the melody.

Not a bad rendition of this done-to-death piece but I don't really think I can give you a proper critique based on this piece.

EDIT: Listened to some recordings on your website, very nice!
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