My local store's clearancing their rocktron pedals, and I was looking at grabbing either a silver dragon or zombie distortion to go with or replace my metal zone. I do like my metal zone thanks to my amp being strange and cutting off the fizz of it (see my last thread), but if the zombie's a decent enough pedal for the price I'd still consider getting it. Unfortunately despite being half price from $349 NZD, I can't quite afford the dragon.

The zombie is $87.50 NZD, down from $175.
I play a bit of everything, at the moment mainly metal but I'm getting back into guitar and trying to expand my repertoire. The rest of my gear is in my sig.

So has anyone got info on it? I do understand it's supposed to sound nicer on a tube amp or some deal, because of it being rectified or something.
If you don't know about the pedal specifically, what are rocktron like as a brand?

(Also note, NZD isn't a direct translation to USD though, because NZ's cool like that , IE zombie's retail of $138 and sale price of $70 probably doesn't match up)

Cheers guys.
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