2nd song I made. I dont know about this song its very wierd. A lot of different keys in there. A lot of experimenting. It's called Neorthodox. 2 guitars 1 lead and rhythm and a small string part. Enjoy and please critique.
If you want people to take note of your work, crit theirs first, and put a link in your post. Bumping without actually furthering a discussion is a pet peeve of mine.

I take note that you've used Guitar Pro 4. I've only ever used 5, and I might suggest things you can do with 5 that you can't with 4. If that's the case, ignore the suggestion, or get GP5 off the internet.

It's not really my thing, a bit simple compared to my preferences, but for what it is, it's nice. the whole thing gets redundant pretty fast, and they're a bit buried in the mix. Take the rhythm guitar's volume down a bit.

Every time you leave what I assume is the chorus- the bit at bar 34- and return to the blues-y riff, it sounds very odd, and not in a good way. I think if you touched it up a bit, you could make those transitions smoother.

The change at 104 really doesn't work, IMO. I get what you're going for; that's a very common change in pop music, but in this context, I really want it to resolve to a D chord.

Keep at it. It's not bad by any means, but there are a lot of minor flaws, and some sections don't fit together as they are.

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