So Pit, this past Sunday and Monday were the first days I went outside in a t-shirt and jeans and actually felt hot. The high temperatures on those days were 18°C and 20°C respectively. So you can imagine my shock when I wake up this morning, look out my front window and see this:

Yes, that is snow. And it is still falling, with another 5 cm estimated to fall tonight, and flurries tomorrow. Now a good way to start May

Any weird weather happenings in any of you Pit-goers' areas?
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Wow, I'm surprised this thread wasn't started by a British person

It's been sunny as hell here for like 3 weeks now.
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Wow, I'm surprised this thread wasn't started by a British person
Snow is as everyone knows a staple of Canadian climate, but I've never seen polarity like this where I was actually pretty hot in the sun walking home from school on Monday, to having a few centimetres of snow this morning.
Same thing here in Sweden. We get awesome weather for 2-3 weeks, up to 20*c then bam... snow, sun, hail and rain in the same day. Snowed mondays and it's gonna be over 20*c later this week, lol wut.
Yeah we got nice sunny warm days followed by snow.

and its been raining for like 5 days. It sucks.
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For the best part of a month its been 5/6°C Warmer than usual. Two years ago this time there was still slight snow on the ground around Scotland, instead this year we have several wild fires because its been so dry.

Crazy though, Tshirt weather one day then bam! Snow to mix it all up.

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We've got about 15 inches of rain in 2 weeks. Major flooding, and nowhere to go without a boat or a tractor.
Yeah it'll be like 75°F one day and rain and be 38°F for the other 6 days of the week. Every.F***ing.Week.
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Its starting to get somewhat hot around here, ~85°F

This is nothing though, since i live in a desert and all. We should be getting over the 100's soon.
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Yeah, same here. Weather's been mad.

No way it's global warming.

That's because global warming is a bad term for stuff like this... A global rise in temperature is happening, but that rise isn't distributed evenly, so effects differ from location to location.
Climate Change is a much better terminology. Meteorology is so complex that a global rise in temperature can result in weather that's more extreme. For instance, a loss of spring and autumn (which is already happening in some places where temperatures drop from summer highs to winter lows in very short time spans).
So it may be weird, but "global warming" (however wrong the term is to describe stuff like this) causes freaky weather like this...

Also OT: hahaha, we've been having awesome weather (often over 20°C) for about 3-4 weeks, we were even the hottest region in all of Europe for about 2 weeks
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Last night at 8:30, it was storming and sunny as hell.

8:30 PM at night.

Blue Sky and all.

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California went from "hot" to "wow its hot"
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Its been sunny in Leeds for weeks, with only a few days of slight cloud. Pretty weird for this time of year, it'd still be weird in summer.
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Missouri weather is pretty crazy. i've snowboarded in shorts and a tshirt before. On New Year's Eve last year it was in the 80s (Fahrenheit). 2 days later it was in the 30s lol

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Its rained like 4 times last week and has rained all this week and is expected to keep raining until friday >.>
I live in the UK, this is the longest I've gone without seing proper rain. I kinda want it to rain because I vomited on my roof last week and I want it to wash away.
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