So basically I have to choose a song to play at my guitar school anual concert. The problem is I don't want to go over some song that has been played over the last years neither I want to choose an obvious song, also I'll have to try avoiding songs that highly rely on the lyrics/singing, meaning I need some dynamics and not a song that goes around with 3 or 4 riffs all the same.

I consider myself a intermediate player, listen to a lot of stuff, megadeth, iron maiden, pantera, led zeppelin, beatles, rolling stones, steve vai, joe satriani, pink floyd lynyrd skynyrd, deep purple, black sabbath, zakk wylde, ozzy osbourne, metallica, guns, gary moore, motörhead, judas priest, jimi hendrix, ac/dc, scorpions...you get the idea...help?
here, there, everywhere by the Beatles. Its a cool sounding song with some interesting chord shapes and alot of the vocal melody is in the guitar parts
Obviously somebody is going to suggest Technical Difficulties - so ill just throw it in there (which if you can pull it off will be awesome)

Always with me, Always with you is a good one, but you could do Satch Boogie or The Extremist
Where's Waldo?
Baby by Justin Bieber
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I've always liked "Summer Song" by Satriani (ever since I saw it on a commercial for Sony walkmans... man, I'm old...)

Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower" is a good one too. He changed up his playing a lot in that so it wouldn't be too repetitive (and it's instantly recognizable - good for a concert).

And, of course, anything by Justin Bieber.
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always with me always with you- satriani- that will make any audience cum their pants if done properly

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"Roof With A Hole"- The Meat Puppets.

never done, especially not in the last few years and certainly not expected.

edit: nevermind, apparently, you cant sing...
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Soothsayer by Buckethead, Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria

^^ Ok, yeah, if you can play anything by Buckethead then definitely go for it. That's like listening to an old school Mario Brothers soundtrack sped up by like 100 times. Always weird. Always impressive.
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Hmm I'm liking the opinions so far, also 've been thinking lately on The Loner by Gary Moore and Crushing Days by Satriani.
I read this thread title as the much more interesting "Cheese song for concert"

Consider me disappointed
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