Hi, I have a 1994 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Flat Top for sale with case. The guitar is mint. I am super fussy and there is not a mark on this guitar. The case is mint as well. The guitar has never left the house. I have been looking around for one that is identical to this and can not find it. It was the last year I believe Gibson used Gibson parts on the Epi. I am looking to sell and in trying to put a fair price on it I am looking for 790. for the guitar. I may be too low here on the price and if I am I am sure you pros will let me know. Thanks for reading and I look forward to any comments and responses! E mail lebel04@comcast.net
I appreciate everyones opinion, its been quite a learning experience and I am still learning. Its the first impressions I get when people actually see the guitar. First they are amazed by the condition and then when they take a closer look all 3 supposed people in the biz said they have never seen one like it. I tend to agree with a little bit that everyone has said. The 790 is too high IMO and I wanted to edit the other ad but cant. I do think the guitar and case is worthy of 590. Unfortunately its tough when you cant actually see it. Before I decided to sell it as it was my late brothers, I was offered 500. and didnt know if that was a good price or not. I know more now and think that the condition and rareness is worth it.
Thanks for everyone talk SU