Hey Everyone

So i bought an ART 100 on boxing day with the intent of comstomizing it all out to my dream guitar. so far I've replaced the pick ups to EMG 81 (Bridge) and 85 (Neck). I plan on doing some small uprades this weekend such as chrome tone knobs and toggle switch, but one of the big things i want to do is change the bridge. It is currently the stock Gibraltar III bridge. I want to replace this with a Schaller Bridge-Tailpiece-Combination 456. I just dont know if it will fit/work properly. any tips would be greatly apriciated.

Link to Schaller Bridge-Tailpiece-Combination 456
was gonna say, that's the best thing to do, I don't see why it wouldn't work bcoz i've seen a caparison dellinger model with that bridge and it was recessed to fit the superstrat body, so on a les paul stly body it should fit perfect