Hi guys, I've been scouring these forums and musiciansfriend lately trying to figure out my next amp purchase. I have some specific preferences that hopefully you guys can help find an amp that matches them.

I would like (these are all things I would like, not completely necessary):

1. Something under $1000-1200.
2. An amp head with cabinet or a combo that weighs less than 40 pounds (preferably less).
3. Something with 30 watts or less.
4. FX loop (if possible).

Recently, I've been looking at the Orange Dual Terror a lot (would get it used and buy the 1x12 cabinet from Orange). The head and cabinet are pretty light, and also the switchable power levels is a huge plus. I wish it had an FX loop though.

If you guys could mention some other amps that are of this quality and with good distortion, that would be a huge help in my search. Thanks guys.
Btw, the low wattage and low weight is because it would be for college use, but I would also be gigging occasionally. I was thinking about getting a Blues Jr. as well and get a really nice distortion pedal (and a bunch of other stuff with the saved money) but I think starting off with an Orange distortion would be better than trying to get a nice distortion with a pedal.
the dual terror is good, but how about a Blackstar Ht 40. Combo weighs less than 40lbs, has an effects loop, costs $700.

The only criteria it doesn't meet is wattage, but as you said thats just for college use so I think the fact it has a master volume will suit your situation just fine.
Umm mostly classic rock. RHCP and Zeppelin, also would like to get Santana-like tones.

I wouldn't mind going used either.
any other suggestions than the blackstar amps? Also, what would you guys say the Blackstar amps are good for? I heard they are really good for metal, but that's not really the tone that I'm looking for out of an amp.
Also, i saw some clips of the orange dual terror, and I have a PRS which would be perfect to get the liquid lead tones that the guy gets in the clip. Pretty much I'm sold on the orange, unless you guys can recommend some other good amps in the same price range. Also, the lack of FX loop is another thing.
Thing about AC30: it's really heavy (over 50 lbs I think) and really loud. Can't really get a good distortion in the lower volumes I'm pretty sure. If anything, I was looking at the AC15, but that's also really heavy.
Go Orange. You won't regret it. Although if space is really an issue maybe consider the combo instead of the head + 1x12. Only reason being, if you upgrade to a higher wattage head in the future you'll probably end up wanting at least a 2x12 to go along with it. Is the 1x12 really going to be useful to you in the future?
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If I get a higher wattage amp, would I not be able to use the 1x12 with it? Sorry, not really sure what the deal is with ohmage and matching those things. I've only ever had a combo. Also, I think the portability and the weight of the 1x12 is a huge plus to me. Also, don't need it to be too loud, as I'll either be miced up or it should be loud enough on its own.
Quote by joehok1
any other suggestions than the blackstar amps? Also, what would you guys say the Blackstar amps are good for? I heard they are really good for metal, but that's not really the tone that I'm looking for out of an amp.

My favorite tones on my HT 40 are the classic rock and lower gain settings.
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Ohms is resistance from the speakers, and the signal sent from the amp needs to match that resistance. Apparently most newer amps can handle a mismatch of "one" up or down. i.e. an 8 ohm amp can handle a 4 ohm or 16 ohm cab, but a 4 ohm can't handle a 16 ohm. You can pretty much always go "up" by one though regardless.... 4 ohm into 8 ohm, or 8 ohm into 16 ohm. It's less safe to go 16 ohm into 8 ohm and moreso 16 ohm into 4 ohm. I usually like to stay matched though.

As for the 1x12 orange, it's a 60W speaker. (I think today speaker manufacturers rate their speakers lower than what they can really handle, but I feel like I've never really gotten good info on that). You should be fine using that with even a 50W amp, though it would probably be cutting it close for playing loud. Orange make excellent cabs though and you could just replace the speaker with one that can handle higher wattages.
Thanks, that helps a lot. I know what you guys are saying about the 1x12 speaker. I would like a 2x12 if it weren't for the extra weight (not that strong!). Also, if I were to play a bigger show or something, I would either have a louder amp or a PA system (or both). I have a Fender Deluxe 40W at home and I realized I really don't need that much power because I mostly just play at bedroom levels.

So even with a budget of around 1200 used or new, my only other options are the Blackstar HT-20/40?

I was looking at the Budda Superdrive 18W which is a little out of my price range, but was wondering if you guys knew anything about this amp?
Try looking for a used Soldano Astroverb combo. Or, if your willing to go a bit over budget, you can get one new for $1350.