What is your fingering for an open power chord? By "open power chord" I mean a power chord without the 5th in the middle (without the middle string, so there's only two notes sounding rather than three). I used to always do it with 1 and 3, but now I'm finding that 1 and 4 is much more comfortable.

Also, what fingering do you use for a normal, regular power chord? I use 1, 3, and 4. Some people just use 1 and bar with 3 or bar with 4. Which is better, or does it even matter?
The 'chord' you describe in the first half of your post isn't a power chord or even a chord at all, it's just an octave; it only contains one note. Find the way that's most comfortable for you in the situations you need to use it in; be flexible enough to alter your fingerings depending on what's going on in the rest of the song.

Same goes for powerchords although I would stay away from barring it unless I absolutely had to. Also FYI: it's spelled "barre" in this context.

Edit: For future reference the word "open" generally refers to the open strings as well, just FYI.
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