I've decided to give building a guitar body a go and thought id post my plan for feedback and/or suggestions. Its not a perfect plan, it may even be a bad plan, here it is.

I've had a squier strat since i started and i like how it feels (not sounds) so i dont really want anything too different. bought a new fender neck with 22 frets instead of 21. (yea, dont have the tools to make a neck properly lol). new machine heads, a pearly pickguard with bridge humbucker, and a floyd rose system.

My plan is to make a new body out of mahogany (any better ideas?) but it seems like a waste of time to simply copy the strat shape so i wanted to make something similar but that you could instantly tell that its not quite standard.

ive come up with a few ideas and i love guitars like the schecter blackjack where its thickest where the bridge and pickups are and then smoothly tapers off to the edge. i was also considering just making a standard strat body but with pointier horn bits.

any ideas?

didnt see gb&c forum for some reason, can it be moved?
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Probably should put this in the gb&c forum...do some research on carved tops, they can be quite a bit of work.
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