Because they can cut through the mix using their bridge pickup too?
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It's not necessarily clearer through the neck pickup, just smoother and a bit more round & glassy sounding, but the brodgr pickup can get a brighter, more aggressive sound, not better, just different
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thanks for making an old dude feel like his advice is actually taken into consideration
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If people say lead guitar and solo's cut through and sound clearing through the neck pick up, how do some many hair metal and hard rock players, who have solos bursting out every where, get away with just a bridge pick up?

People who say that don't know how to EQ properly. They have a different character but with proper EQing you can use either, or both.
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The bridge pickup cuts through WAY more than the neck pickup. Neck pick-ups are good for softer smooth lead work (with some delay it sounds godly). But if you want aggressive in your face lead, you want the bridge, with maybe a touch of reverb.

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