I've arranged to play guitar with this girl I'm friends with. Only problem is I'd like to be more than friends with her cuz she's gorgeous and really has a great personality etc.... She plays acoustic, I play electric (most styles from pop rock to metal to whatever sounds good, however I can't improvise at all because my knowledge of theory is minimal.) She says she likes to play whatever (mostly strum along classics and new hits example: closing time) and she can sing. I wanna know what you guys think are some good songs to play for the two of us, and let me make it a point that I don't care about being perfect and I'll play acoustic parts on electric and vice-versa as long as I'm having fun jamming or I'll play the guitar and she can sing. Oh yea I've been playing for four years and her just more than one so keep it easy to intermediate difficulty.

(don't chew me out for playing guitar to get girls, this is a rare-ish thing and I play 99% of the time in my room by myself when no one is listening)

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Leonard Cohen - Teachers

Bit more on the "mature" side. Great lyrics, guitar play and fun to play.
Me and a girl friend are in the same situation as you. "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane is a good one, as is "Under Cover of Darkness" by The Strokes. The notes in that song should be fairly easy for a girl singer to hit.
I've never understood the problem people have with playing guitar to get girls. Some people just have the personality of a floor board, guitar's all they have!
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First of all Im gonna piss on you for not knowing theory.
Second play some classics like Imagine or Working Class Hero by Lennon
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(don't chew me out for playing guitar to get girls, this is a rare-ish thing and I play 99% of the time in my room by myself when no one is listening)

Just how UG likes it.

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it's easy to play, and has girl/guy vocals
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Get to know theory, it really helps. Even the most basic, like harmonising scales proves VERY fruitfuls.

Secondly, I started hanging out with the girl I was with before the last one through music and jamming together. In fact I created almost this exact thread beforehand. Make a connection, however small, outside of a musical context and you've got a new frau there. Do good music though, Beatles never fail.

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brian wilson - barenaked ladies
red hot chili peppers maybe?

I love playing with my girlfriend so I think its a great way to get started with her man
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I used to love her - GNR

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I've never understood the problem people have with playing guitar to get girls. Some people just have the personality of a floor board, guitar's all they have!

I know that feel, bro.
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I suggest you play nice deep songs such as buckethead or Hendrix-y kinda stuff and give the "i have feelings" look while playing if u get me haha.
If not just play a familiar song she can sing to and look her in the eyes while she sings or some lovey crap.

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Swing life away - Rise against

Last Request - Paolo Nutini

These. Plus the rest of Nutini's first album.
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On a serious note, Try something she hasn't heard and will find interesting, yet easy to play.

Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


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