hi, This was my brothers guitar, the serial number is S4062465. It is a standard flat top with Gibson truss cover. It has no marks on it at all as far as scratches and scuffs and neither does the case. I was wondering how collectible this is? What its value range is. I can not find others exactly like it. Basically I am asking all you way more knowledgeable than me people what info you can tell me about this guitar. I tried to upload a pic but it says file too large and I dont know how to get around it.
Thanks to all. Su
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If it's a flat top, it's probably not a Standard. It may be a 100 or a special II or something similar, but either way the flat top is not really a selling point. It may be a bit unique but it's not exactly a sought-after property on a Les Paul.

If it is a Standard flattop, you might get $500 for the novelty factor. If it's not, you'd be lucky to get 350. Pictures would really help, but you can get an Epi Standard used for $300 any day of the week, and the more recent ones have better hardware. I don't mean any offense, but the 790 price you have listed in the gear ads section is ludicrous. Unless it's genuinely a special piece (which would probably bring up more google hits) it's not worth half of that. You can get a new one for much less.
Hi thanks for the opinion, it is a standard, says it on it and it is a flat top, it also has a Gibson Truss cover. The few knowledgeable people who have seen it say they have never seen one like it. I wish I could get a pic to upload. It says too large.
No offense taken I appreciate all opinions, I can only learn.
Its a plain top actually with Gibson truss. I have been told a few things about its rareness for the year and parts that were used that year as the 1994 was the centennial year for Gibson. Its also mint and I do not use that term loosely, it doesn't have a mark on it

I believe Les Paul came out with an ELITIST EPI the same year and it looks identical. I think they only made those for 2 years but not sure. I am just trying to understand from you guys who know way more than I do. Thanks for your reply! Su
Hi, This is an e mail from someone in the biz who saw the guitar, let me know what you guys think, is this true?

" its the epiphone collectors model,the truss cover on the headstock where is says gibson,its original,in 94 gibson stopped epiphone from making that guitar because it was the closest guitar to the famous gibson,too close thats why they changed it to standard on the cover,gibson owns the epiphone company,if it was a fake the holes don't match up,this is the real deal,in my know how about guitars,this is one of the best"

I was also quoted a higher price that it would be sold for. Like I said, I am learning daily and appreciate anyone opinion, positive or neg.
That email sounds like BS to me. It's definitely not closer to a real Gibson (flattop) and again, if it were a collector someone here would have heard of it and mentioned it, and it would show up on a google search. The Elitist was definitely the closest thing Epiphone has made to a Gibson, if anything they would have stopped that model's production. Elitists were made for at least 10 years, and did not have flat tops.

From what it sounds like, it's an interesting model, but still probably worth 4-600. I'd love to see it though.

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Sure it's a flattop? Looks like a regular top to me, though it might just be the finish. Other than that, it looks like a Standard.
is it a bolt on korean one?

thats what it made me think of, probably worth closer to 300 if it is, 400 if its a MIK Set neck.

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is it a bolt on korean one?

thats what it made me think of, probably worth closer to 300 if it is, 400 if its a MIK Set neck.

yup, would be at least.
790 for a used epiphone dude really!?!

Dude you can get a Gibson Studio for that
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Hi, Someone e mailed me this, is this true?

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top: Same design as Epiphone Les Paul Standard, but all mahogany. Comes in a variety of color finishes. Weighs more and costs more. Because of the color finishes it looks more like the Gibson Les Paul series, which is much more expensive than any of the Epiphone Les Pauls. Due to marketing confusion, some stores and websites may list this guitar as having an alder top, but only the Epiphone Les Paul Standard has the alder. If you see a guitar listed as a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top, but described as having an alder top, the merchant may just be confused, but make sure that they are selling you the real deal, and not trying to pass off a less expensive model under the wrong name.

I did change the price as well, will consider talking with anyone interested. There is nothing negative I can state as far as the condition of the guitar and case as well. Both are mint.
Thanks again for everyones input either way.